Alexandre Gomes

Full-Stack Web and ÐApps Developer

JS.. vu !

vuejs screen

"Cache cache" is the French name for the children's game "Hide and Seek". When the player sees someone moving, he shouts "vu !", litterally "seen".

Vuejs (pronounced "View JS") is a MVM Javascript framework. Model-view-viewmodel is an architectural pattern, like MVC for example.

It is really powerful, and the two-way databinding (like the one of Angular/2) allows for crazy reactivity.

By using directives, you can extend the behavior of native HTML elements.

As for components, one can see them as "new HTML tags" that you can define.

I've made a little todo app with vuejs and bootstrap, thanks to Laracasts.

Using this two-way databinding, it shows a different message depending on the fact that the user has written something in the textarea or not. When the user clicks the button, a new object is created and pushed to my todos array, containing all the keys and values (todo title, content, and date).

Then, thanks to the v-for directive on my li HTML element, I iterate on every element of the todosarray -which is an object- and show it's properties.

A powerful tool !